Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tom Cruise and a sonograph machine

Don't even get me started on Tom Cruise. Not only is he a certifiable nut, but he is completely over stepping his bounds with all his comments about post-partum depression being unreal and his not considering psychiatry a real science. I wont even tell you what I think about the "religion de jour" he follows, scientology! Now he thinks he is a sonographer, too. Check out this article about him actually buying a sonograph machine for his own personal use. Presumably for viewing the spawn he has placed in Katie Holms poor womb. Who does he think he is. Again, over stepping his bounds. At least he says he will donate it to a hospital after the baby is born.


SVN, prn said...

Ya, the whole TomKat thing is really a fun to watch. He keeps adding fuel to the fire with his nutty actions. Oh well, she is obviously too star struck to see his behavior. The sonograph machine is hilarious and dangerous if used too often.

Sorry to hear about your back. I have started to get stiffness in my lower back on the days I am sitting too long studying. I feel like I'm 100 years old when I try and stand I can almost hear the creaking sounds.

I understand completely about the feeling you get when you drive your car. It's all yours, you picked it out and it's a comfort to have the luxury. Enjoy.

may said...

he's got too much money in his hands....that's all i can think about tom cruise.
thanks for dropping by, and for the link.

Anonymous said...

I think Tom Cruise is charting the course for his own self-destruction. He seems to get loonier by the day. His comments on psychology/post-partum depression were irresponsible, if not downright dangerous.