Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday, which was never good anyway....

YES!! I got my TB test done today. It's sad that that's my biggest news, but it's 1 less thing on my "To Do" list a far as school goes. It went very smoothly. I went to the County clinic, cheap, cheap, cheap, thats me. I got there at opening, waited a quick half hour, most of which I spent filling out paperwork, I was called to the back and Wham, Bam, Thank you ma'am and I was done. I have to go in to have it read in 48 hours of course but that should be a snap.

The first time I had a TB test I was 16 and it was the third of 3 shots and I passed out. Don't tell anyone. ;-) But this time I was fine, I didn't get woozy at all. It's not so much the pain with shots, it's all mental with me. I mean, lets face it, they really don't hurt that much, but its just the thought of a long, metal needle being slide into my skin that makes me anxious. I have always been like that with any kind of puncture wound. Even as a kid, when I would step on a nail or something I would get all hot but I would be white as a sheet. The biggest test for me was when I had steroid injections in my SacroIliac joints where I have my chronic back pain. They slip a long needle in there and then inject the joint with a steroid fluid. The worst part of that is actually when the joint starts to expand because of the extra fluid introduced into it. Now that is painful. But I am slowly gaining control over my mind, and each shot is less of a problem for me. Call me a baby, call me a wuss, but each person reacts differently to injections, ask any nurse that.

One major thing going on this week for me is I am have my wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday. All F'ing 4 of them. Can you believe it? Am I crazy? All signs point to yes. But I figured I HAVE to have 2 out, and while he was in there what's 2 more. I am gonna hurt either way. Luckily my little nurse of a wife will take care of me free o' charge. She has already bought the frozen bags of peas to wrap around my face for the swelling. In my opinion that is about all peas are good for...yuck! If I feel up to it, I will try to post something while I'm home recovering.


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