Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Orientation tomorrow......

Tomorrow I will be playing hookie from work (calling in sick) and going down to Phoenix for orientation at SPS. I'm really looking forward to it because I will get a better idea of what is ahead of me. We will meet some of the instructors, go over course syllabi and order our scrubs. I am most looking forward to meeting some of my classmates. I am guessing they will be all over the map as far as age and life experience goes. I would guess that my age, 26, would probably be the average, roughly, but we shall see.

I am also finally meeting the guy I will be living with for the first 8 months of the program (before I start my externships). He's a dermatology resident and a friend of a friend. He owns a house in Scottsdale and is nice enough to rent out a room to me. I have emailed back and forth with him and talked to him a few times on the phone, so it will be nice to meet him in person and also see the house I will be living in.

Then Friday is the big day. I will be quitting my job. I have been looking forward to this and dreading it for some time. I am hoping it goes well. I have worked here for over a year and I am pretty close to my boss, so I think it will be a big shocker for her. She has no idea how miserable I am here. I have told a friend of mine, who used to work here, that I will be quitting and she is convinced that my boss is going to cry when I tell her. God I hope she doesn't. I really have no idea what to say to her if she does. Its hard to tell someone that you are quitting because you hate the same job that they have devoted their life to for 2 decades, without offending them. I will have to pick my words carefully. I plan to do it at the end of the day and then just leave afterwards. I am sure I will tell you all about about after it's over.


Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

I've heard that the pre-reqs and schooling for you X-ray techs is pretty wishes.


Dustin said...

Thanks for the support! I know the next 2 years of my life will not be easy, to say the least, but I know it is worth it to make a positive change in my life.

Dustin B.

SVN, prn said...

So, how'd it all go?