Friday, November 18, 2005

I survived....

I survived my wisdom teeth removal. Everything went smoothly and I am presently in the peak period for swelling...(i.e. I look like a chipmunk collecting nuts for the winter). They have me on some pain meds which are nice, because not only does it control the pain in my teeth, but for literally the first time in about 6 years I don't have any back pain...NONE!! I can't believe. I feel like a normal person again. And even when my teeth do start to hurt, at least the pain is in a different place for once. A nice change of pace. My wife has been great at taking care of me and keeping me on a strict schedule of meds. It's almost like she is a nurse of something! :-)

I need to go back in to see the oral surgeon on Monday morning, just for a short check up to make sure the healing is progressing as it should, then unfortunately I am back to work. However, this week will be a short one since we have Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving. God bless those pilgrams!

I also got my TB skin test read on Wednesday, right before going to the oral surgeon and of course it was negative. So that means I am all set, and have all my paperwork for orientation in 2 weeks. I am excited for orientation because not only do I get to learn more about the program and meet some of the instructors but I also get to see some of the other students who will be in the program with me. Potential friends, study partners, etc. However, at the same time I am a bit nervous because the day after orientation I am planning on quitting at the museum. I am looking forward to it and dreading at the same time. I can't wait to leave that place, but the awkwardness of actually sitting down with my boss and telling her "That's it, I'm out", will be unpleasant. But like Jerry Seinfeld would say "Just like a bandaid. One motion, RIGHT OFF!" Quick and very painful.


SVN, prn said...

The first time meeting with classmates is a bit nerve racking because you will be with these folks for a long time. I suggest you sit back take it all in and get to know them well.

The best part of my class is the bonding I have done with my classmates. We are truly a great TEAM. It has been by far one of my favorite things I have experienced so far.

We started first semester with 11 went down to 9 in the first 8 weeks. Second semester we lost 2 during the summer and now are down to a tight 7. Six females and one male. Our male classmate is a bit of a loaner by nature but we have even convinced him to join us at lunch after a day we got out of clinical early.

Dustin said...

Yeah, I am really looking forward to working with people again. I am a very social person and work well in a team environment. In my present job I have no personal interaction, I work with dusty old pots all day, makes for very, VERY long days. :-(