Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I went this morning to try to get my TB skin test at the County Health Clinic. It is required before I start the program, but because Friday is Vets day and they are closed, I wouldn't be able to go back in and get it read the requisite 48 hours after the injection. So I guess I will have to wait. I am thinking about trying to get a nurse on my wife's floor at the hospital to do it for me. I just need it done by Dec 1st, which is the day of orientation at SPS. They are requiring that everyone show records of having had 2 MMR and 3 Hep B immunizations, plus a current TB test. I have, after much work, tracked down and acquired records of the MMR and Hep B, but have not had a TB test since 1999. I also had to do an online background check to make sure I didnt have any felonies or any of that fun stuff. Check came back negative, of course! Now if I can just get that TB test I should be all set. Wish me luck. Lots of hoops to jump thru.

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Lisa & Adam said...

Hi Dustin!

Feel free to link to my blog - I'll link to yours when I get a chance. It'll be interesting to compare the US experience with mine in the UK.

I really ought to blog more about the student experience myself - I'm really not a very good blogger!

Best of luck with your course.