Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A simple exercise........

Today I thought I would make a list of simple sentences that, when combined, give an idea of who I am, what I believe, what I think is important, etc. You may agree with some of my statements, and you may disagree with others, but that is just fine. That’s what makes each person unique and, dare I say, special. Anyway, here goes……

My name is Dustin.
I am 27 years old.
I was born in Ontario, Canada, but grew up in Minnesota and now live in Arizona.
I am agnostic.
I love to cook.
I watch Star Trek when my wife isn’t home.
I believe in a woman’s right to choose, but that right should not be abused for convenience.
I believe in the death penalty, but that the punishment should not be abused, either.
I speak Spanish.
I love to travel, preferrably internationally.
I agree with the theory of evolution, but realize it is a theory, not a law, and can be improved upon.
I LOVE cheese.
My favorite TV shows are LOST, Grey’s Anatomy, ER, and Invasion, in that order.
I believe that Jesus Christ was a great and wise man, whether or not he was divine is not up to be to determine
Someday I will be a radiographer.
I love my wife.
I love my family.
I read science fiction books.
I read science “fact” books.
I believe in “an eye for an eye”……in most cases.
I can crochet.
I enjoy working on computers.
I am currently unemployed.
I am a student in a Radiography/Medical Imaging program.
I celebrate Christmas, but I’m not a Christian.
I believe in helping others who are less fortunate and those who need our help the most.
I think that nurses, teachers, farmers and police officers are the four most important and under-appreciated professions in our society.
I believe there is too much emphasis on Hollywood.
I have blond hair.
I know how to flintknap.
I believe in “everything in moderation”.
I am a dog person.
I am a cat person.
I hate it when people drive slow in the left lane.
I have a bachelor’s degree in Archaeology
I am always cold.
I suffer from chronic back pain.
I like to hike and camp.
I believe in a thing called love.
I wish I wasn’t so shy.
I own 3 pairs of shoes.
I clean up good.
I am not scared of heights.
I enjoy talking with intelligent people.
I do not believe in Zodiac Signs.
My favorite job was working in a coffee shop.
I wish I were taller.
Cornbread, ain’t nothing wrong with that!
I enjoy being challenged.
I should have more confidence.
I think greed and evil are often synonymous.
I have been to Europe 4 times, Mexico 3 times, Canada once but never to New York or LA.
I’m scared of not being a good enough father to my children.
I have a Master’s degree in Anthropology.
I am scared of clowns.
I enjoy learning new things.
I wish I didn’t care so much about what people think of me.
I am uncomfortable with confrontation.
I am not allergic to anything.
I hope to never stop learning.
I hope to someday own a home.
I have blue eyes.
I am ME.

Well, that felt good. I am sure there are many, many other things I could add to the list, and I may in the future, but that is good enough for now. I hope this lets you get to know me a little better. I suggest you try it some time. You may be surprised at what you find.

EDIT: Since I made this post, some of you have asked me what exactly flintknapping is. Flintknapping is the process of chipping away material from high silica stones like "flint" or chert in a carefully controlled manner with special tools to produce sharp projectile points, sometimes called arrowheads. Here is a website that will give you a little more information about it if you are curious.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dustin!

My name is Jen and I am x-ray tech student in Pennsylvania. We started school in September so right now I'm about 3 months into the program. I just wanted to say hi and encourage you on your new education pursuit! I am a non-traditional student as well (27 and engaged) and I'm very happy with my choice of radiography so far. I hope everything works out well for you and keep writing... it's a great stress reliever!!!


Dustin said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks for the encouragement. Check back from time to time, as I start school in less than 2 weeks and will finally have something to write about radiography. Good luck on your classes.


Morgan said...

I enjoyed your list, but I have one question- what is 'flintknap'?!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your future life as an x-ray tech. I just retired from this work after many years. It was a job I throughly enjoyed.