Tuesday, March 14, 2006

winter wonderland

i survived Testapallooza and i think i actually did pretty well on most, if not all, of my tests. on friday, after class, i went to the airport and picked up my sister-in-law and took her up to flagstaff for the weekend. we got up there just in time because it started snowing at about 1pm friday and didnt stop until about 3pm sunday.

it ended up snowing about 38 inches which pretty much just shut down the whole city. the pic was taken from our apartment balcony. unfortunately, we never got to do any of the out door activities we had planned for while she was here. luckily by sunday evening they had cleared the roads enough for me to get back down to phx for class on Monday morning.

it was nice to have family come for a visit. sometimes it gets a little lonely with all of our friends and family so far away.


Anonymous said...

Damn, 38 inches?! I would be in heaven if we got that much. I think we've maybe gotten 2 inches total this winter. It sucks! I wanted one, just ONE good snowstorm this year. Oh well. Thanks for the nice comment...you're not bad yourself ;) Take care!

Eve C. said...

Man,I am jealous! We finally got some snow that weekend, but it melted before we could get out and build a snowman! Now a winter watch has been posted so I am crossing my fingers hoping to wake up to some snow again! Glad to hear that you had a great time! Funny how much we appreciate our family and friends when they are far away, huh? My sister just moved to Denver from Houston with her family and I was hoping to have already visited them, no such luck!
Have a great week!