Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No acting today

Usually every other Tuesday we have an exam in our Positioning Lab Competency class. The exam usually entails actually physically demonstrating the various radiographic positions that we learned that week. You pick a partner from class and, in front of an instructor, go thru the motions of performing an x-ray exam. Patient communication is graded on heavily so I have developed a little speech that incorporates all the points that the instructor is looking for. It goes something like this "Hello Mr. Johnson, how are you today? My name is Dustin, I'll be taking your x-rays today.....can you please take off all your metalic jewelry......are you currently pregnant or think you might be pregnant?.....can you verify your date of birth for me?.......are you aware of any metal objects in your body?.......yada yada yada".

But for some reason today, I got to class all ready to give my partner the best imaginary x-ray that anyone has ever had, but instead of acting out the procedure, we had to write it down, including every single little detail. We are normally given 2 random positions, out of the 10-15 we are studying that week, to demonstrate for the instructor, but this time we were given three. Luckily mine were fairly easy, an AP pelvis, AP hip and Lateral hip. In case you can't tell, this week we are studying positions for the pelvic girdle.

Well, one hour and one cramped hand later, I finished describing all three positions and handed in my exam. Most of the time I overstudy this stuff so I was able to include a bunch of little details that probably weren't needed like "Medial rotation of the limb is contraindicated in patients with such-and-such pathology" and "the use of a gonad shield is recommended unless it is likely to be superimposed over the area of interest", etc. So as long as I included the "really important stuff" as well as all the little extras I think I will do pretty well. I just feel sorry for my instructor for having to read 4 pages of my horrible chickenscratch-like handwriting.

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Eve C. said...

Hi Dustin!
Well, have I got a radiology related story for you! I can talk about it only because she is in stable but critical condition.

My 18 year old cousin who is sooo petite and weights like 80lbs was in a car accident. An SUV clipped her head on. Here are her injuries:

fractured wrist, ankle, arm, both legs and pelvis. One of her femurs is leaking fatty material from the bone marrow is traveling all over her circulatory system and has a huge amount in her brain causing some major problems. The docs asked if they could take pictures for medical purposes because it is sooo bad.

The nurses have to move her every 2 hours, so I ask, how the hell do they do this????? Because she isn't responding as well as they want, they are limited on the amount of pain meds that they can give her. She screams when they put lip balm on her, so again, how on earth do they move her fragile body????? She's had xrays, CT, MRI scans, and more to come! Wow, I would love to view those!!!!

Anyway, thought I'd share that with you Mr. Radiology student ;-)
These are the times I wish I was a nurse already!