Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Actual comment from a classmate today, "She can palpate my pubic symphysis any day!".

Appropriate? Inappropriate? Funny? Not so funny? You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I recognize all those landmarks! I must be actually learning something in A&P ;)
Was this a guy who made the comment? Dustin, it was you wasn't it? You made the comment! LOL
Take care!

SVN, prn said...

Funny ...and I SMIRKED too :o)

Dustin said...

Ha ha. no it wasnt me but it was the guy I sit next to in class. and I must admit i laughed because i similar thought had come to mind but i just didnt actually say it out loud. ;-)

Eve C. said...

Pretty funny! I've heard many comments already in my A&P classes and found them funny, some kinda dumb, you know the jokes where you just roll your eyes...but a couple of classmates took offense. Oh well. Great pic!