Monday, March 06, 2006


i'm calling this week "Testapallooza", since i have a total of 7 tests this week. today's was in positioning and was the written version, the lab competency is tomorrow. this chapter's topic is the lower extremities. did you know that the ankle mortise is an example of a synovial hinge joint? apparently i didnt either since that was one of the several i got wrong on today's test. today's score was my worst so far, an 89%. while not bad generally, relative to my other scores so far it is not so great.

now if i just keep my head down and "give'er hell!", as my dad used to say, i should survive this week of examinus maximus. on friday my wife's sister is flying into phx and after class i am picking her up and we are driving up to flag for the weekend. shes pretty cool to hang around with and it will be a nice little treat to have a visitor around after a long week of tests.


SVN, prn said...

Best of luck this week. I know you can do it.

Patients needs, yes, very good topic on the previous post. I know all about needs it's amazing the 'needs' patients have as soon as they get a call bell in their mighty grip. Some warrented and some just want to see your smiling face every 5 minutes.

I went along for a CT scan last week with a very cranky patient. Interesting to view from the monitor and the tech was kind enough to point out all the 'parts' of the abdomin.

Eve C. said...

Hey Dustin! Good luck on your remaining tests this week! At least the light at the end of the tunnel looks bright and shiny (trip to Flag.)
I am happy to report that I completed my last midterm! Yipee! Now to focus on my exam for "abnormal psych"...its really a film and psych class where we watch a movie once a week idenifying some sort of psychological disorder. It would be fun if I hadn't already watched everyone but two of the movies shown! I know I need a life!
One question for you regarding your visit to the plasma center, how on earth did you do it? I went in today and walked out after sitting in the lobby for 30 minutes. The stench was horrible from all the creepy guys in there and although they were funny to listen to, I couldn't handle their BO. But as luck would have it, once I signed out and gathered my books (I planned to study while donating,a good idea???) about 5 decent looking students walked in! I need patience I guess! Did it really hurt and have you had any problems since? They are offering $65 bucks on the first visit.
Oh well, good luck and have a great weekend! I'll be looking forward to some pics of Flagstaff.

Morgan said...

Seven tests!!? I've never had that many in one week. Good luck!!! I hated the synovial and elliptical and all those types of joints. We had that test before we learned the names of the bones, and so I missed a lot of questions because they would say, "What type of joint is the blablabla?" Uh, don't know where in the body that is.... LOL

Anonymous said...

Holy cow Dustin!!! Seven tests?! How the hell do you even have time to study for seven tests? Good luck! I'm sure you will do great but geez!
Congrats on your wonderful A&P test score! I couldn't believe the grade I got on mine...105%!
You have a wonderful weekend too!