Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Only to hear yourself talk......

Why do some classmates feel the need to take a simple question and turn it into a diatribe about their life story? I am sure some of you have come up against this in class, too. My case in point:

Instructor: "Since we skipped from Chapter 1 to Chapter 12 in today's readings did anyone read Chapter 2 by mistake?" chuckle, chuckle.

Student: blurting out from the back in an inappropriately loud voice "Well, see, I am one of those people who gets up early, I mean really early and I usually will have a couple of cups of coffee. I read Chapter 12 yesterday and highlighted all the important facts in the text, and then when I went to reread the chapter this morning I opened the book and all the highlighting was gone. Then I realized I had opened to Chapter 2 instead of 12 assuming that that was the next chapter to read. hahahahahahahahahahahaha (loud laughing for way too long)." Class in stunned and annoyed silence.

Dustin's Inner-monolog: Wow, thanks jackass, thats 5 minutes of my life I will never get back because you felt the need to overexplain something that no one really needed or wanted to know about anyway. A simple yes or no would have sufficed.

And why do some classmates feel the need to share very personal, sometimes embarrassing, information about their personal lives when asked a seemingly unrelated question. Case in point:

Instructor: "Can anyone think of a time when you had to use conflict resolution to resolve a tense situation?"

Student: "Well, my birth mom had to give me up for adoption because she was a drug addict, so I didn't meet her until just 2 years ago. We got along really great at first, then she started having drug problems again and so sometimes we would get into these awful fights and yell and scream at each other. But after a few months I realized she had a real problem and it was the drugs talking and not her, so now I always try to resolve conflicts with her right away."

Dustin's Inner-monolog: Oh my God. Is she really saying this to a class full of complete strangers? Why does she feel the need to give her disconjointed, emotionally trouble life story to answer a simple question about conflict resolution. Shut up, shut up, please shut up!


SVN, prn said...

We had a gal like that in our class (she didn't make it past the first semester) I started to call her 'band camp girl'.

If you ever saw the raunchy movie, American Pie you would understand. The annoying girl in the movie always used to say, "one time at band camp" before she would tell some dumb story.

BTW-- The 'You have what in your bum' link is HILARIOUS.

Morgan said...

LOL!!! I understand completely!!!