Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Face to face with a Jackass

Wow, what a relaxing weekend. I spent the whole thing in Flagstaff, and because Monday was MLK day, I had an extra day of laying around. Pretty nice. Once I start clinicals, I dont think I will have many days like that anymore. (BTW: the picture is a photo of the San Francisco Peaks, a mountain range just north of Flagstaff, with the first snow of the season on them)

I had a chance to get a lot of my homework done, and catch up on watching some stupid science fictiony movies. Out of kindness for my wife, I try to only watch them when she is at work or out of town. She cant stand them. :-) She was gone this weekend in Minnesota visiting some friends and family, so I was free to have a nerd-movie marathon all weekend.

Speaking of marathons.........I got back to Phx yesterday, quickly changed clothes and went to visit two friends (from MN coincidentally) who were in town for the big Rock and Roll Marathon last weekend. The guy works for Nike so he was here running a booth at the marathon site, and his girlfriend, also a friend, came with him. I hadnt seen them since Oct last year and it was nice to see some familiar faces down here in Phx. However, we ended up going out to dinner (sushi, yum!) with two other guys who they had met at the marathon and also worked for Nike in other cities. One of the guys was pretty nice but the other one was a complete and utter JACKASS!! He defined the word to a T. No joke.

He started off by telling us that he was a raging alcoholic and that he would be drinking a lot tonight. What a way to make a first impression, huh? "But, Hey!" he says "At least I admit it!" *Oh yeah, that makes it all better*, thinks Dustin. Anyway, then he starts bitching about the people next to us who have a whiny kid. Granted, it annoyed me too, but I wasnt a big ass about it. Then he starts belittling the waitress because his drinks werent quite right, as if she made them herself. He had pretty much every characteristic that I hate. He was arrogant, abrasive, overbearing, unsimpathetic, a braggart and snooty. I mean, he drives a Hummer. What more do I need to say? Needless, to say I couldnt wait to get out of there.

Once we left dinner and my friends and I were walking back to the hotel, they started apologizing to me for having to go thru dinner with that guy. I told them it wasnt their fault and that they couldnt control this guy's behavior.

It was really nice to see my friends again, but I could have done without the jackass.

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