Monday, January 02, 2006

my new place..........

Well, I am all moved into my new place in Phoenix. School starts tomorrow! I cant believe it. it has come so fast. I am ready though. I have all my "schooling" materials and I know where to go for class, so its just a matter of time. Becky has already left and headed back up to Flagstaff. It was pretty sad when she left, even though we will see each other in less than 48 hours. We really havent been away from each other for any length of time since we got married, over a year ago. It certainly will be an adjustment. I miss her already. :-(

The guy I am living with has so far been very nice and accommodating. He showed us around the house and gave us directions to Target and the grocery store. He is a resident med student and has a pretty busy schedule, so I am guessing I will have the house to myself most of the time. The place sure needs a good cleaning though. The last guy who lived here left the bathroom a disaster and the kitchen also needs a good once over. So i will get to that soon. I am not a neat freak, but I also like to live in a clean house, ya know.

I will post again after school has started.


Morgan said...

Good luck tomorrow!! I am dreading going back... According to your countdown, only 5 hours?! :*(

SVN, prn said...


(and your roommate will love you for the tidying up!)