Friday, July 07, 2006


Re: the "Hardest Test EVER" test

Well, I guess it wasn't so hard after all since I apparently got 99%. Don't ask me how though. :-)


Eve C. said...

Congrats!!!!! What's your secret??

Dustin said...


Well my secret is I KICK ASS!!!! ha ha, just kidding. What i try to do when i study is to remember WHY something is the way it is not just THAT it is that way.

For example, in radiography when you increase the milliamperes per second (mAs) the desity of the film increases (or becomes darker). I dont just remember that when you increase one the other increases. Instead I reason it out in my head. i remember that the density increases because an increase in mAs means you are forcing more radiation out of the tube, which means that more radiation is hitting the patient, which means more radiation will go through the patient, which means more radiation will hit the film, exposing it more, causing a darker image (i.e. higher density).

I've found during all of my schooling, that knowing the why of something really helps you understand and remember the concept better than just memorizing facts.

hope this helps.

SVN, prn said...

How? because you ROCK!! and this career was meant to be for you.

(and I agree with your comment above always ask the WHY? helps cement the rationale to everything)