Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Summer in Phoenix reminds me of winters growing up in Minnesota. "What!" you say "How can July in the sun-baked desert of Phoenix, Arizona remind you of the frozen, wind-blown tundra-like environment of Minnesota in January?" Well believe it or not it does.

There are actually several similarities.

1. The weather is extreme: e.g. Minnesota in January = - 30 degress F, Arizona in July = 115 deg. F.

2. Everyone stays inside because it's either too hot or too cold to be outside for any length of time.

3. Energy usage hits an all time high for heating your homes in Minnesota and cooling them in Arizona.

4. Touching metal objects is a no-no and can result in either a nasty burn or painful frostbite.

5. Both cause me to question why anyone decided to settle here in the first place.

6. Nobody from out of state visits you.

7. You make trips to places with the opposite temperature: e.g. Mexico in the winter and Canada in the summer.

8. Plants and animals are doment and/or clinging to life.

9. Golf courses are suddenly empty.

10. You will refuse to go anywhere if the climate control is not working in your car.

So there you have it. Surprisingly there are several similarities between Minnesota winters and Arizona summers. Once you've experienced either one of them you are truely a survivor.


SVN, prn said...

Still here!!! So sweet of you to ask :o)

This chica is just working as the unit secretary until I find out if I passed the NCLEX exam (results are taking a full 30 days, I tested on 7/12). I'm learning the paper work part of the desk nurse job because I can't do any patient care while I am unlicensed.

I'm also about to go off to a weeks vacation in the mountains (to escape the valley heat) I can't wait, I leave tomorrow.

Check this out www.wrightslake.net (our place)...sweet, eh?

I have started another blog, email me and I'll give you the URL. It's by invite only, heheh.

Thanks for checking up on me and missing me.

Laters, handsome

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine -30 or 115! Too extreme for me! I like the different seasons here where I live.
Re: my photography. Yes, I took all those pictures. I taught myself. There are tons of great resources on the internet, I did not buy any books. I currently am in the process of moving and don't have internet access until Friday (I'm at my boyfriend's parents house right now). One place I can think of (and I might be able to give you more when I get my comp back) is a message board for digital photography called dpreview.com (there's a link on my blog). Bascially I just searched the net for the info I needed and learned it. It's a lot of fun. I haven't had much time lately to play around with it.
Some of my pics were taken with my point and shoot and some were taken with my DSLR. If you go to kris10.smugmug.com you can see some more of my pics.
Like I said, I might be able to give you some more info on resources when I get my computer back.
Wow this is long. I'd better wrap this up! Have a great week!