Thursday, June 15, 2006

Update: Flagstaff Wildfire

Taking advantage of the cooler temps and higher humidities during the night, fire crews were able to get a handle on the Woody Fire buring southwest of Flagstaff. Below are two links to articles about the fire.

Wind-whipped wildfire forces evacuations

Fire Update 1:30pm Thursday - Arizona Daily Sun (Flagstaff newspaper)

I'll post more updates as I know more.


Theresa said...

When these types of fires become.. dare I say.. commonplace, do the locals become nonchalant or complacent in their attitudes toward them or do they watch with the same concern, awe, fear, etc as those who are not accustomed to living with them?

Theresa said...

Thank goodness. I am wondering about the air quality. When fires get this close, in the heat, there must be ash and soot being breathed in. How terrible. Am glad to hear things are improving in this dept.