Friday, June 02, 2006

Frickin' HOT!!

Well, the big news in Arizona right now (besides the first wildfires of the season) is the HEAT. They are issuing heat advisories for Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma and several other lower-elevation cities. Below are some screen captures I took from the Phoenix news today.

The temp at the time of broadcast (5:15 pm)

The high today. WOW, we matched the record, lucky us! (note the sarcasm).

The projected lows for tonight. Still frickin' hot. Notice Flagstaff though,
comfortable 45 degree, ahhhhhhh!

The projected highs for tomorrow. Thank god I'm in Flagstaff this weekend, a perfect 85 for us!

Look what I have to look forward to, yippee skippy. (again note the sarcasm).

I hope I survive the week and don't end up as a big, fleshy puddle on the classroom floor, ewwwwwwwww!


SVN, prn said...

Miserable, I don't even want to IMAGINE heat like that.

Theresa said...

I showed this post to my kids - everyone cringed. You must just live inside? In the AC?