Thursday, December 08, 2005

New title banner.........

Whoopee! A new banner for my blog. What do you think? Comments welcome. I guess it isn't the most exiciting title banner I've ever seen but it will do for now. It took quite a lot of tweaking of the template script to get it right, but with help from Monika from "Becoming a Nurse", I finally arrived at what I was looking for.

I opened my first X-mas present last night. I know, I know, I am naughty. But it came in the mail and I couldnt resist. It is a new laptop computer from Dell. I havent really had much time to tinker around with it yet, but will this weekend. I wanted to open it early so I had time to get it all prepped for school (i.e. get all my programs, music, photos, etc. on it before I move down to Phoenix). Although it is technically a present from my wife, I was the one who went online, added the features I wanted and then ordered it. So it wasn't too much of a surprise, but it will come in very handy for school and communicating with Becky while I'm living in Phoenix.

Oh, you know how I was so excited to see LOST last night, well it turns out it was a rerun! Dammit! Last week they said "Tune in next week for an all new episode of LOST!". Yeah right!! Oh well. There is always next week. One show I am into lately is the mini-series "The Triangle" on the Sci Fi channel. In the story, 4 scientists explore the causes of the weird occurances reported in the Bermuda Triangle. Although I like science fiction movies and books, I usually dont watch the Sci Fi channel because I find most of their shows kinda cheesy, and the one's that I dont are on at weird times and I end up missing them. Anyway, "The Triangle" has been pretty good so far. Usually, TV movies are not done very well, but this one is. It also has some pretty big names in like Sam Neill, Eric Stoltz, Lou Diamond Phillips, Catherine Bell, and Bruce Davidson. If you have a chance, I recommend watching it. All 3 parts will be on, back to back, this Sunday.


SVN, prn said...

I like the banner lots it represents your blog well. Nice work.

I bought a Dell before school too and I love mine. (Inspiron 6000). Amazingly it still works (it fell out of the back hatch of my SUV onto a cement driveway after a road trip) it is dented, scratched and has a small hole in the plastic on the corner --looking quite like a battered soul now. I put a cute Hello Kitty bandaid on the corner and we plug along with

Dustin said...

I opted for a budget laptop PC, the Inspiron 2200, but with many upgrades (larger screen, CD/DVD burner, larger harddrive, more RAM). So far it is a big improvement from even our old desktop (6 years old). I cant wait to really get into this weekend and see what it can do. Hopefully mine will last as long as yours did, SVN. I will try to be more gentle with mine, though. :-)