Friday, December 09, 2005

No tengo ritmo...

We went to the hospital's Holiday party last night. Let's just say it wasnt the most lively party I've been to in my life. Pretty slow. Becky and another nurse played some Christmas music for everyone while they ate, Becky on a keyboard and the other nurse on her violin. They did very well, but unfortunately the keyboard volume was way too low for the size of the room, so they probably couldnt hear it too well. Becky is a great piano player though. She can hear a song 3 times and be able to play it perfectly on the piano, she amazes me. I wish I play an instrument. Maybe someday I will take lessons. Maybe when we get a piano, Becky can teach me how to play.

Later, after everyone was done eating, the daughter of one of the nurses and her boyfriend gave everyone a little salsa dancing lesson. They have a business in town that gives lessons in various forms of dance, and they were nice enough to come to the party and show us some steps. I think Becky and I did pretty well, for not having any rhythm! Again, SOMEDAY, I want to take some lessons to learn to dance. In the mean time, maybe I can find that elusive rhythm I so desperately lack!

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I just wanted to say Hi. I got here from a link from another blog on msn. I'm a Radiographer in Nebraska and just wanted to say good luck with your schooling. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your blog posts. Very good so far. Again Good Luck with all your schooling.


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