Monday, May 15, 2006

Jealousy ain't just a river in Egypt.....

Oh man!! I am so jealous right now. I just got done getting caught up with all the nursing blogs I normally read and it seems like everyone is graduating except for me. boo hoo! :-(

I apologize in advance, for I see a short pity party in our near future.

Lately, I have really been jonesing to get out of school and start work. I realize I still have" lotz o' learnin' to do", as my instructor tells us, but I'm tired of doing the whole school "thing". I'm good at it, I wont deny that. I can take a mean test, study in record time and write a paper that would make Franz Boas proud, but academia (not to mention no paycheck) is getting old.

Unfortunately, I made some bad decisions in my early career as a student and ended up spending 7 or so years in "higher" education getting a degree for a career, it turns out, I didnt even like or would afford me a stardard of living above, say, a 17th century coal miner.

So now I'm paying for it. Most people my age are buying houses, having children and saving for retirement. I, on the other hand, am selling plasma to help pay for gas to drive to visit my wife on the weekends. sad, sad, sad. I considered prostitution briefly, but I didn't see too many opportunities for advancement in that particular profession.

I know I made the right decision leaving my other career for a new one in radiography. Within 3 weeks of class, I KNEW I had found something that I would enjoy and would be good at, but hauling my butt through school will be the real test.

I wont lie, its hard being away from my wife. I rely on her a lot for support, both financial and emotional. Probably more than I should sometimes. Its hard being in a strange city with no friends or family around to talk to or be with.

What I really need to do is keep it in perspective. It is only 2 years out of my life. 2 years which will give me the foundation to be able to get a good job, support my family and be happy in life. But its hard to get above it all and see it that way when you are in the trenches in the thick of it.

I guess the best I can do is bide my time, study hard, get good grades, learn as much as I can and before I know it (hopefully), I will be living back home and working as an X-ray Tech like I dreamed of so few months ago.

Thanks for listening. The pity party is now over.


Theresa said...

I have to ask - did you study initially to be in education? The 17th century coal miner is a dead giveaway. Fortunately, I am a "kept" woman and am able to indulge by dabbling in the field of education to make a little pin money. Hubby sees my paycheck and smiles "isn't that cute."

Anonymous said...

I hear ya! At least you've got a good head start over me. I haven't even been accepted in to the program yet. Going back to school, no paycheck, etc. are what bother me most about this whole thing. But, like you, I figure in the long run it will payoff. Keep your head up and it will be over before you know it! If I get in, I'm sure there'll be times when I'll need a boost from a fellow student. :) Take care!