Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lack of material

I realize I haven't posted much about radiography lately. This is because not much has been happening in class. We are approaching the end of the semester so the instructors are starting to sound like a broken record. Thus I have not much to post on the radiography front.

I am, however, working on a series I like to call "How It Works". In the upcoming weeks/months I will be periodically posting blurbs about how various imaging equipment works. What is an x-ray anyway? Why does MR use magnets? How does ultrasound create a visual image from soundwaves? Most people don't know, so I'd like to remedy that, whether they like it or not. :-) So stay tuned for "How It Works", coming soon to a blog (namely this one) near you!


SVN, prn said...

Great idea. I will enjoy your new series, looking forward to it!

Eve C. said...

Oh boy, can't wait! My friend is a MRI tech here and I was able to sit in while he scanned patients of my then employer...it was sooo intresting to watch. I cringed whenever something bad showed up. I remember a young, married lady who just had a baby and had this huge tumor in her brain. It wasn't operable so radiation and chemo were her options. I was there the day he told her and she was her usual cheerful self before and AFTER...blew me away especially when she told him, sorry to put you through this! WOW! I don't know what happened to her after she was referred to a neurosurgeon for a 2nd opinion. It makes me sad to think of her and her family! Hopefully she beat the odds!