Sunday, April 16, 2006

Finals Week!!! (cue dramatic music)

This coming week is finals week for me, so you may not hear much from me. If I do somehow find some spare time, I will try to post something. Have a great week everyone and wish me luck on my finals.....all 7 of them!


SVN, prn said...


Theresa said...

I saw your post on Eve's blog. I had my first trip to Vegas recently and I offer these (unasked for) suggestions for places to eat.

Definately check out Tao - pricey but really trendy and delish.

Also check out the mexican place in Venetian and the little deli style cafe next to the magic shop for a quick meal. Both were fantastic.

Skip Emerils - VERY pricey and the food/service etc was nothing special.

There is an outdoor restaurant in front of Paris, next to the Eiffel Tower. It is the best of them all. The food was terrific and you are right across from Bellagio so you can watch the fountains while you eat.

Also - if you like Cirque, take a look at Le Reve at Wynn. It's like Cirque in water.

Finally - do a quick google for 10 free things to do in Vegas by Robin Dalmas. I found the casinos to be a smoky boring way to blow money (Hubby and I don't smoke). I focused my time on checking off the free things on my list. :)

Have fun!!
PS: good luck on your finals.

Eve C. said...

Wow, Vegas?? Plan for the heat! Oh yeah, you are used to the heat, duh!!!! Anyway, have a great time! The last time I was in Vegas was when me and my hubby celebrated out first anniversary. We've been married 14 yrs...WE NEED A VACATION!! Ha ha! I plan on sometime very special once I graduate.
Good luck on you finals, here I am bitching about my 4!!! I can't believe that you have 7!!! Yikes! I'd be bald be now! I know you will do excellent! I have just one really tough final, in A&P lecture on Monday....I'm counting the days until Tuesday and I am really nervous!!!
Good luck and keep us posted on whats hot and what not in Vegas!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your finals! I'm sure you'll do great.

Morgan said...

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dustin...long time no see! How did you do on your finals? How was Vegas...oh wait, you probably can't tell the commercials say "what happens there stays there." LOL

Anonymous said...

Hello D,
I came across your blog while coincidentally taking a study break from *my* final exams (only 4). I'm a rad tech student in Toronto, On, Canada and I'll be starting my 1 yr hospital practicum in a week. Getting a little nervous but your blog has some great, if not entertaining info! Thx for sharing


Dustin said...

Thanks for all the great comments guys.

Theresa, we had a great time and did find that restaurant outside of the Paris Hotel, its called Mon Ami Gabi and the food was fantastic. I havent had that great of a baguette since I was in Spain.

Eve, well, i survived finals week. I did pretty well too, with my lowest grade being 94%. I also got my semester grades and got straight As with a 4.0 GPA. I dont mean to brag but I am kind of proud of myself, i worked hard for them. The heat wasnt bad in Vegas until the last day we were there, but we spent that day by the pool anyway! :-)

Nicole, Finally another rad tech student found my blog. You are the reason i created the darn thing in the first place. i hope you like it and find it at least somewhat entertaining. I imagine that some of the rules and regs here are different than what you encounter in Canada. Fun Fact: I was born near Toronto in a town called Guelph, ever heard of it? Anyway, i hope you keep coming back and leaving comments so i know how school is going for you. Good luck on your practicums, mine start in about 4 months and Im already nervous.

Kristen, Dont worry Im back, and I will tell you all about what happened if Vegas, you just have to ask nice-like. ;-)

Eve C. said...

Congrats on your AWESOME grades! What's your secret???