Tuesday, February 28, 2006

South Mountain Park hike

Becky and i went for another hike this weekend, this time at one of phx's city parks, called South Mountain Park, just south of the city. it wasnt any major hiking though. we drove to the top lookout spot called Dobbins Lookout, parked and hiked a little from there.

i usually like to include some pics right here on my blog, but lately i have been having a hell of a time pasting them in, so instead i quickly uploaded them to my online photoalbum and will provide a link below. I suggest using the slideshow option to view them.

Pics from South Mountain Park, Phx, AZ

winter is the time that most people are active in Phx, since the temps are actually bareable. it was a nice 80 degrees F and sunny. one of the things i do like about Phx is the common sight of the saguaro cactus (pronounced swaro, dont ask me why). see the picture above for an example. although very common around here they only naturally occur in a relatively small area encompassing southern arizona, part of southern california and a small area in northern mexico. its the type of cactus that most people think of when they think of the desert or the southwest. they are really neat and add a little flare to the landscape. dont get too close to one though.....ouch!!

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Eve C. said...

Thanks for sharing your pics of your hike. Looking at them makes me miss Phoenix terribly. I can imagine all the changes. I haven't visited in 10+ years and what I remember most was how clean and well landscaped the city was. I plan to visit this summer, whooaa when it's really hot, if I can find the time. I can start some of the nursing classes one semester before my actual program starts, plus I have to take the required nursing assistant classes too. There goes my summer!
Hope you had a great "Fat Tuesday".