Thursday, February 09, 2006

Major radiographer slip-up

Article - Technologist Charged in Patient's Death

Can you believe that!? Scary!! Advice: KEEP THE TOXIC CLEANING SOLUTION AWAY FROM THE SIMILAR LOOKING CONTRAST MEDIA, PEOPLE!!! Plus, label your bottles.


Morgan said...

Oh, wow! That is scary, especially because it is so simple to make mistakes like that. Labelling is definitely crucial!!
I'm glad you get traffic from my site! A lot of people come by trying to figure out if nursing school is for them- I think my stories scare them, and then they see your site and think, "hmm... he doesn't have to clean up poop all day. Maybe THIS is for me!" :)

Lisa & Adam said...

Yup, radiograhers don't have to clean up poop all day which is good.

But we do have to do barium enemas. :D

Dustin said...

And also, at least in the state of Arizona, we put in IVs and catheterize patients periodically. So i definately have some new skills to learn! :-)