Monday, November 27, 2006

New Rad Links

Hi Folks! I've recently been alerted to some really useful websites relating to radiography and radiology. Links to these sites are below and have also been added to the side bar.

Radiology Ramblings

Dave's Places in Radiology

Dave's Radiology Student's Page

Please take a minute to check these sites out. They have tons of useful information for Rad Techs, Rad Tech students and Rad Tech students-to-be!


Anonymous said...

Very cool. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I thought you might like this:

10 Reasons To Love An X-Ray Tech

1. We do our best work in the dark

2 We can see through your clothes

3 We know all the positions

4 We are well developed

5 The chemistry is always right

6 We know what buttons to push

7 We have all the right techniques

8 We know how to warm up a tube

9 We know how to get the best penetration

10 When you need it now, we make it wet

CTDave95 said...

Thanks for adding links to Dave's Places In Radiology. I have added a link to your student blog on the student page.

Have a great day, and a good year in your training.