Wednesday, September 27, 2006

List of Stupids

Below is but a short list of things patients have done to land them in our x-ray department.

- drive an ATV drunk......and at night.
- drop a box of frozen french fries on their foot
- jump off a swing
- tried to do a "wicked cool" trick on their skateboard
- slammed their elbow in the refridgerator door
- got out of a car wearing very high heels and turned their ankle
- got a bowel obstruction (OK, so this one isnt so funny)
- wiped out pulling a wheelie on their motorcycle
- hit a light pole while driving drunk (but decided not to come in for two days!!)
- got bumped in their recently operated on elbow by a waitress
- got pneumonia (Again, not so funny)

And my all time favorite...

- they put their leg down in an attempt to stop an 800 lb. ATV going 20 mph instead of using the break.

You would think that the last one would be an isolated incident, but unfortunately it is not. It happens all the time with ATV and motorcycle riders.

So do your best to avoid doing any of the above activities because I'd rather not see YOU at the other end of my x-ray machine any time soon.

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