Saturday, July 07, 2007

Flagstaff Daily Photo

If you're at all interested in photography, check out my new photoblog. It's dedicated to my amateur photography from in and around Flagstaff, Arizona. Here's a link to it:

I hope you enjoymy photos. Please don't hesitate to leave comments on this blog or my photoblog.


paradise.found said...

Arizonab. Props on your images. I liked what I saw. When I was early in my development as a photographer I looked at a zillion photographs by checking out monographs (books of photos by one photographer) at my local library. Check out this link to see what I do:

This link has the most frequently clicked images:

Use the slideshow link set to “fast”

My work is very specialized and I don't feel bad if people don't dig it.


Morgan said...

I love your pictures!