Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Since I was born in Canada, I have sort of a soft spot for my brethren to the north. So when I found this video on I had to post it here.

I can really relate to all the stereotypes about Canadians that are mentioned in this Molson Beer commercial, because when I first moved to the US I got a lot of the same comments.

Anyway, if you are familiar with Canada or Canadians, this commercial will make you laugh.



Souad said...

Cool Ad! I have a few Canadian friends and I have been to Eastern Canada a couple of times. Beautiful country. Love the culture etc. I think the prejudices and jokes come from very narrow-minded people...Vive le Canada!

paradise.found said...

Dude, do you like hockey then. cuz me and my woman are way into the Avalanche! And we loved seeing Ottawa in the finals even if the Ducks won.

Seriously tho, my mom was recently nationalized (5 years ago) after living in the US for forty years. I can't say I approve, because I think Cananda is the coolest country in North America.

But she did it for best reasons: so grams could move in with her. Grams is close to 90 and needs constant access to help.

I like using Cananda media; we get CBC up in Washington State which is just dandy for the hockey coverage. And I like how the newscasts aren't fear based.