Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Camping trip to Lockett Meadow

Here are some pics from my wife and my camping trip to Lockett Meadow, a few miles north of Flagstaff, AZ. The meadow and hills are full of aspen and in the fall the colors are amazing. Our campsite is at about 9000 ft asl, so the nights are already pretty cold....... like 25 degrees F cold!! But we brought plenty of blankets and the fire kept us warm until we headed for the sleeping bags. It was so cool to hear the elk bugling in the distance. They kept at it for hours. My wife was sure the male was looking for a booty call! :-) Anyway, enjoy the pics.

Our camp site

Becky looking at the San Francisco Peaks from Lockett Meadow

Me at a pulloff on our way to Lockett Meadow

Becky holding an aspen leaf

View from Lockett Meadow the morning after we camped

Yeah...........it was frickin' cold!!!!!!

Me contemplating the meaning of life or something just as philosophical, I'm sure ;-)


interesting plant

Becky holding some aspen branches

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