Monday, August 07, 2006

ATV + 12 pack + 3am = Pain & Suffering

Below is a quote from an email I got from my wife, a nurse on an orthopedic floor of the hospital:

"Last night work kind of sucked. My patients were all nice, but I swear, the hallway I had was road rash alley. My patients were all males, between the ages of 27 and 39 and one was an ATV accident, 2 MVAs and the last guy was a bike vs. car, and he was the bike. He was hit from behind by a drunk driver going approx. 55 mph. Lucky to be alive. So they were all nice but my god, the dressing changes and pain medication, it just never ended. And just a fun fact: the ATV guy just had a birthday the previous night and decided to drink a 12-pack, get on his ATV at 3:00 in the morning, and of course crashed. Man, we were still picking pieces of glass and gravel out of him. Yuck. So just remember, DON'T drink your 12 pack and then ride your ATV, ok? I know it sounds crazy, but it isn't a good idea."

Thankfully she still has a sense of humor after seeing so much pain and injury. It never ceases to amaze me the patients she gets. They sure do make for interesting talk over dinner at the end of the day.


Mary said...

Just wait til you get to x-ray the road rash crew. Lots of fun. Luckily they won't be scabbed over (in most cases) so they can still kind of move.

It seems like in the summer all of the evening/night patients are MVA's, motocross, ATV ect accidents. It's a nice break from all the chest x-rays that accompany the older ED crowd though.

How long until you start at your clinical site?

Eve C. said...

OMG is it a coincidence that you blogged on this subject and I'm finally reading it while earlier today my neighbor crashed his motorcycle/dirtbike right in front of me while I was about to pull into my driveway?!?!? He wasn't wearing a helmet, was speeding on a curve mind you AND is VERY, VERY lucky I didn't run him over. He slid off his bike right into a parked car. I knew he was ok, a little frazzled and embarrased so I ignored him all while shaking my head and saying, "What a dumb @ss!" How do I know what I said?? My two little ones asked, "Who's the dumb @ss mom?" %{

I found out from his buddy a short time later that he was ok with a hurt hand and red in the face with embarrasement. Perhaps I should print your post and hand it to him.

Hope you and your wife are having a wonderful time in the beautiful bay area!!!!